Hi, players! It may be our first post -it’s funnier sculpt than write, but we needed to share this with you.

We bought some days ago a new 3D printer, the cheap Elegoo Mars, just for testing purposes… and we’re excited!

The results are much better than expected. We’ve printed some old models and scenery to test wich parameters give us better results, and based on that research, we’ve made a Harry Potter fan art.

Introducing you… our Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore 28mm miniature!

albus dumbledore 28mm miniature. Richard Harris portrait with Elder wand

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  • Ghozil Moonbark dice:

    I also have a 3d printer -mine is an Anycubic. Can I order custom made miniatures to print them by my own?

    • The Beast dice:

      Sure! Just ask for a quote and tell us your printer’s specs so we coudl adapt the sculpt to the minimum detail and thickness -in this case it isn’t necessary cause Anycubic specs are almost the same than Elegoo ones.

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