So you're interested in making an order of custom miniatures?
You've come to the right place!

Furry and the beast has been designing custom miniatures for 5 years.

On this page we’ll answer the top questions we receive about transforming beloved characters into great custom miniatures or figures. But before that, have you read this first?

Before Ordering Your Custom Miniature

I have an idea for my custom miniature. How do I place my order?

Because we design and produce figures from scratch, we work backwards from budgets and program goals to help recommend the right features for your order. Just start a project with us by clicking here to discuss your goals. Our team will provide you full attention and support during all stages of the process.

Is this really a service for both individuals and companies? Can I order just one custom miniature?

Absolutely, you can order just one custom miniature. This is a service for everybody. In fact, many of our customers are individuals who are RPG players and want to get 3D printed miniatures of their characters. It’s the perfect gift for a wargamer!

Can you produce products that aren’t “miniatures”?

Sure. We’ve specialized in custom miniatures but creating custom figures is even funier and easier. Less printing specs, much more surface for tiny details… We can also sculpt jewelry master models, toys, custom collectible figures, bits and parts, helmets and props… We’re experts in organic modelling for 3D printing.

I want to know prices before I make the order but I can’t find them in your website, how much does this service cost?

This is a custom service that depends on the miniature’s size and complexity, so we are not able to make a price list in our website. We need to know more about your idea to give you an estimated price, but do not worry, you can ask us for a budget without commitment. Get a quote now!

I have already contacted you, What do I need to send?

We will need a complete and precise description of the miniature you want and what size or scale should it be once it is 3D printed. Also, we will need a concept art – in case you do not have one we can use images as a reference of what you want. Check out our guide for appropriate references to ensure the better workflow.

I am interested in the service, how do I pay for it?

You can pay by Bank transfer. It is possible to make payments in any of 20 major currencies, so your Bank won’t charge you any comission due to international transactions. It’s the better way to offer you fair rates for our services.

But I prefer Paypal as payment method...

As customers, we must admit we love Paypal, too. It’s fast and safe. Unfortunately, as you may know Paypal charges strong commisions to the vendor. If you prefer this payment method there’s no problem, but it would slightly increase the budget.

Great, I have made my decision. How long does it take to complete the whole process?

We are happy to make a miniature for you! It depends on the difficulty of the model, your feedback speed and on how busy is our team, but it usually takes about a week and a half to sculpt it and 15 days to 3D print it and ship it.

I have a 3D printer at home, can I order only the 3D model and not the printing?

Sure! Just tell us wich 3D printer do you own and it’s technical specs. Nevertheless, we should warn you we can’t guarantee the best printing quality cause it depends on your printer specs and your slicing settings.

After Ordering Your Custom Miniature

How can I track my order?

We’ll send you updates through sculpting process so you can provide us feedback. Once you validate your custom figure, we’ll send it to 3D printing with our partner. As this stage, we’ll provide you a tracking number.

We're a company, what rights do we have on the model?

You will have all Commercial Rights, as well as your design’s Intellectual Property Rights. However, we will retain the sculpting’s Intellectual Property Rights and we reserve the right to show the model in our online and offline platforms.